Saturday, December 3, 2011


Two months ago I was asked to make a sign for a new Pub Gourmands that my real estate agent Ben was opening in less than a month.It had to be about thirty by forty made of wood stained the color of the wood his bar was made of and a four color logo screen printed.
I was fast to tell him I would give it a shot and off we went.
After getting the wood,stain,the one ink color I did not already have and the films to burn screens,I cut and stained the wood.The following Friday after work I started printing.I wont go into too much boring detail but by Sunday I was finished! After about twenty hours total.
This was the most challenging and rewarding Projects I have tackled.
Here's some pictures:

If you want to see it in person they have great food, friendly staff,ample parking and my favorite part thirty two ounce schooners of beer! You can see the menu,directions and all that

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