Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bikes for your get off your ass

I have been putting off maintenance of my bike that I ride eight miles a day(more or less) five days a week(less than usually) and ten or more miles a day on weekends If I'm not doing chores around the house.
 My point is,for someone who boasts about riding and the love of riding I have been treating my bike like shit. A few days ago I ordered a nice rim from Dans comp. It set me back about as much as I paid for the bike.
 Next I needed to get a new sprocket to adjust for my new gearing,You see;my new improved back rim came with a fancy cassette hub that made my gearing insanely hard.Imagine the hardest gear on a mountain bike now go two gears harder.
 While trying to save some monies I decided to do the work myself,I have done this sort of repair before but If you have limited tools and experience things can go wrong.
 When I pulled the cranks off I succeeded in destroying my bottom bracket and spindle,My formula of brute force and ignorance once again ends in disaster.
 Luckily Empire bikes was there to save the day.A hundred and thirty dollars and a few hours later my bike is rolling better than it ever has.

Now its raining How do you like that?

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